Authentic Mexican Tacos

Tacos From Paco’s

At Paco’s Taqueria, we’re Indianapolis’ taco experts. We’re so good at creating these handheld flavor bombs that our friends and loyal customers even call us Paco’s Tacos.

Tacos are the dish that made us famous! Made the authentic way from family recipes, they’re the perfect meal for any time thanks to their combination of perfectly succulent taco meat cooked with our homemade taco seasoning mix, fresh soft and hard taco shells, and a zesty array of toppings.

Find out why we were voted some of the Best Tacos in Indianapolis! Place your online order for tacos in Indianapolis today.

Our Tantalizing Taco Menu

Tacos are one of the oldest and most diverse foods in Mexican cooking, dating back centuries. Nothing beats soft tortillas filled with savory, perfectly cooked meats, fresh toppings, and a dash of spice.

Our taco recipe is one of the best around. Unlike some big Mexican restaurants, we make our delicious tacos the authentic way: no sour cream, no shredded lettuce, and definitely no packaged taco seasoning. Just chopped onion and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro, and maybe a little pico de Gallo if we feel like switching things up.

We keep it simple so you can enjoy the flavors that you love on taco night, for dinner with friends, on a date, or any lunch or dinnertime occasion. If you want something that transports you taste buds to the streets of Mexico without leaving Indianapolis, or even your house, order Paco’s taco online today!

Check out our entire taco menu below. All tacos are accompanied by fresh limes

Breakfast Tacos


A filling breakfast platter that is composed of three tacos filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, and your choice of chorizo, bacon, and ham in a flour tortilla shell.

Tacos Tapatios

(Two Tacos Birria) $10.99

Two authentic Mexican Birria tacos made with tortillas, and Jalisco-style braised beef served with our homemade consomme beef broth.

Carne Asada Tacos Tapatios

(Two Steak Tacos) $10.89

Two authentic Mexican steak tacos made with tortillas, our tender beef roast, Mozzarella cheese, and delicious homemade consommé.

Tacos Tapatios

(Two Chicken Tacos) $10.79

Two authentic Mexican steak tacos made with tortillas, our tender beef roast, Mozzarella cheese, and delicious homemade consommé.

Al Pastor (Marinated Pork) Tacos


A double corn tortilla taco filled with steak, grilled onion, fresh pineapple, and cilantro

Carne Asada (Steak) Tacos


A double corn tortilla filled with steak, onion and cilantro

Pollo (Chicken) Tacos


A double corn tortilla filled with chicken, onion and cilantro

Shrimp Tacos 


Double corn tortillas filled with shrimp, onions, and cilantro 

Fish Tacos


Double corn tortillas filled with tilapia, onions, and cilantro 

Tripa Taco 


Double corn tortillas filled with tripa (beef tripe), onions, and cilantro 

Ground Beef Tacos 


Double corn tortillas filled with ground beef, onions, and cilantro 

Veggie Tacos


A double corn tortilla filled with bell pepper, onions, and grilled tomatoes and topped with cilantro

Combo Taco


  • 3 Tacos (Steak, Chicken, or Al Pastor)
  • 1 Chips 
  • 1 Guacamole 
  • 1 Drink (Horchata or Jamaica 16 oz) 
  • Queso Dip $5.99
  • Elote (Street Corn) $4.99: Traditional Mexican corn on the cob, with mayo, queso cotija, and chili powder.
  • Rice $3.99
  • Chips & Salsa $3.99
  • Guacamole $5.99
  • Pico de Gallo $4.99
  • Sour Cream $4.99
  • Refried Beans  $3.99
  • Horchata $4.99: Homemade rice and cinnamon drink
  • Jamaica $4.99: Homemade hibiscus flower drink
  • Coke 355 mL $4.99
  • Can Mexican Coke $2.99
  • Jarritos (assorted flavors) $4.99

Our entire menu including other classic Mexican dishes and ala carte items can be found online. Take a look and place your delivery, dine-in, or pickup order online today.

Taco Bar Catering for the Taco-holic in All of Us

We get it – when you’re hosting an event, the last thing you want to do is compromise on the food. But it’s not just about you. You have to cater something you enjoy while accommodating your guests’ dietary preferences, allergies, and cravings.

When you book Indianapolis Mexican food catering from Paco’s Taqueria, you get it all! Enjoy the traditional tacos you love and satisfy your hungry guests.

From breakfast to dessert, we have a diverse catering menu. But the highlight has to be our unique Taquiza catering packages. A Taquiza is a Mexican taco party – essentially, a private chef meets street food vendor experience. This means that every guests will be able to make their own customized plate!

For our taco bar catering menu, we break down our taco recipes so there is plenty of beef filling, taco seasonings, taco sauce, and extras to go around! We promise a prompt delivery of the hot, fresh ingredients you need for perfect taco kits.

With Paco’s taco bars, the possibilities are endless! We specialize in catering a range events including: wedding celebrations, birthday parties, graduations, or even taco Tuesdays at the office. Explore our complete taco catering menu online and schedule your next catering order today.

Meals on Wheels: Our Delicious Taco Truck

Whether you’re soaking in the joys of a summer evening or seeking a speedy meal on the go, Paco’s food truck is the go-to destination for all Mexican food enthusiasts.

Serving the same taco favorites as our traditional brick-and-mortar menu, our food truck serves tacos straight from the kitchen. We can even bring our mobile kitchen to your next private event – it’s a fiesta just waiting to happen!

Let us satisfy your cravings with a burst of authentic Mexican flavor, wherever you are in town! Book the taco truck online today.

Our Locations: Tacos Near Me

Paco’s Taqueria has 5 convenient locations in and around Indianapolis, Indiana, including:

Paco’s Taqueria East 86th Street

3367 E 86th St

Behind the Keystone Fashion Mall, right next to Crumbl Cookies

(463) 221-2164

Open 7 Days a Week

9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Paco’s Taqueria Thompson Road

5202 E Thompson Rd

Just off the intersection of Thompson and Emerson, behind Emerson Place Shoppes

(317) 986-4958

Open 7 Days a Week

9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Paco’s Taqueria West 86th Street

2902 West 86th Street

Across from Brebeuf Jesuit, next to the Trader Joe’s

(317) 405-8954

Open 7 Days a Week

9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Paco’s Taqueria Taco Truck

6816 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN

Just off I-69, at the corner of
Bash & 82nd

(317) 459-8116

Open 7 Days a Week

10 a.m. to 9:45 p.m

Paco’s Taqueria Keystone Avenue

4390 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205

Just off the intersection of Keystone Ave. and Fall Creek Parkway.

(317) 377-4132

Open 7 Days a Week

9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

At Paco’s Taqueria Every Day is Taco Tuesday

With over a decade of dedicated service to Indianapolis diners, our family-owned business loves tacos almost as much as we love serving them to our customers.

Our rich heritage shines through in every authentic dish that we offer, but none more than our authentic Mexican tacos served on a corn tortilla and filled with delicious ingredients. Whether you’re dining at our taco truck, visiting our brick-and-mortar Mexican eateries, or enjoying our catering services, we’re committed to providing a meal that keeps you coming back for seconds every time.

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