Mexican Food Catering Services in Carmel, IN

Carmel, IN Mexican Food Catering

Got a big event coming up but not sure how to feed anyone? Stop worrying and focus on what’s important, when you leave the cooking to the experts at Paco’s Taqueria. Whether you’re organizing a work lunch, tying the knot, or throwing a family reunion, we’ve got you covered with our authentic Mexican catering.

Prepare for a trip to the culinary heart of Mexico without leaving Indiana. Place an online order for Mexican food catering in Carmel, IN, today.

Authentic Mexican Catering Menu in Carmel, IN

Planning an event can feel like a never-ending process. Even arranging catering becomes a hectic puzzle when you must accommodate various dietary needs and taste preferences to ensure every guest is satisfied.

With Paco’s Taqueria’s diverse acting packages, including our exclusive taco bar and fajita bar options, you can simplify your catering needs and event planning to-dos in one fell swoop. 

Our skilled catering team crafts from scratch Mexican dishes or buffet-style trays of fresh ingredients, allowing your guests to create their own culinary masterpieces. Even your fussiest family will be satisfied as they go through the bar and make their own tacos, nachos, fajitas, and more.

View our delicious catering menu below or go online to schedule your next Carmel catering order today.

$14.99 per person – minimum order for 10 people: $149.90. Can feed up to 100+ guests.

Unleash your culinary creativity with our taco bar package. This includes trays of grilled chicken, steak, and Al Pastor, along with generous portions of corn tortillas, rice, and refried beans. Munch on fresh chips and salsa, along with accompanying sauces. Finally, satisfy your sweet tooth with churros and sides of chocolate dip and caramel sauce.

Hungry for more? You can order additional desserts, refreshing beverages, or chafing dishes for an extra cost.

Taco Bar Add Ons:

  • Extra Chips & Salsa
  • Guacamole
  • Queso dip
  • Sour Cream
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Pico De Gallo
  • Street Corn
  • Extra Tortillas

      $14.99 per person – minimum order for 10 people: $149.90. Feed up to 100+ guests.

      A more topping-focused buffet, our fajita bar includes grilled steak, chicken, and chorizo; lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole; chips and salsa/queso; and corn tortillas, rice, and refried beans. We’ve also got dessert covered with our churros and chocolate and caramel dipping sauces. Keep food hot with chafing dishes, or finish up with refreshing beverages and additional desserts available for an extra fee.

      Fajita Bar Add Ons:

      • Extra Chips & Salsa
      • Extra Guacamole
      • Extra Queso dip
      • Extra Sour Cream
      • Extra Pico De Gallo
      • Extra Tortillas
      • Street Corn
      • Shredded Cheese

          Taco Box

          $15.99 per person – minimum 10 people

          Our taco box includes two tacos made from corn tortillas and filled with steak, chicken, Al Pastor, or sausage. Served alongside rice and refried beans; chips, salsa, and queso; signature sauces; and churros for dessert.

          Add Ons:

          • Queso
          • Guacamole
          • Extra Tortillas


          Tapatio Box

          $11.99 per person – minimum 10 people

          A box of Birra tacos covered in cheese with cilantro, onion, with consomme, and limes on the side. Each box also includes dessert – churros with chocolate and caramel sauce.

          Add Ons:

          • Queso
          • Guacamole


          • Street Corn – $3.99 per person
          • Guacamole – $2.99 per person
          • Mexican Rice – $1.99 per person
          • Refried Beans – $1.99 per person
          • Bottled Water – $1.99 per person
          • Mexican Coca-Cola – $2.49 per person
          • Horchata – $3.49 per person
          • Jamaica – $3.49

          Prompt & Caliente Catering for Every Celebration

          Our catering services bring the heat and authentic Mexican dishes you need to liven up your big events. Our catering packages transport the flavors of traditional Mexican food to your guests’ plates while allowing you and your guests to customize your meals.

          But the catering orders placed with our local Mexican restaurants go so much further. From timely delivery to a detailed setup, we do it all. Our goal is the success of every event, regardless of its scale or location. 

          Our catering services can be tailored to the following:


          Corporate Catering in Carmel, IN

          Crafted to leave an amazing impression on clients, colleagues, and employees alike, our corporate catering effortlessly handles the culinary aspects, allowing you to concentrate on managing your event. 

          Our corporate catering services are available for various corporate events, including:

          • Board meetings
          • Company picnics
          • holiday office parties
          • Employee appreciation events
          • New hire welcome lunches
          • Corporate retreats

          Choose Paco’s for your next big corporate event in Carmel, IN, and treat your team and clients to a dining experience that they won’t soon forget.


          The Ultimate Fiesta With Caramel, IN Birthday Party Catering 

          Got a birthday milestone coming up that needs a little más? Paco’s catering has you covered with budget-friendly birthday party catering options. Whether you’re hosting an intimate family gathering or a full-blown bash, our customizable taco bar menus are designed to enhance your special day.

          Bring the taste of authentic Mexican cooking to your next party. Order birthday catering from Paco’s online today.


          Say Yes To Paco’s Wedding Catering

          Everything on your wedding day is a reflection of you, right down to the smallest details. Don’t compromise your dreams because of picky guests or limited catering choices  – choose Paco’s for flavorful, affordable wedding catering.

          With a lavish buffet-style spread or individually catered meals, your guests will leave with a full belly and a full heart. No matter the size of your celebration, our timely taco delivery service is here for you.

          We specialize in catering for the following wedding festivities:

          • Wedding reception
          • Rehearsal dinner
          • Bridal shower
          • And more!

          Make a memory that will last forever with our wedding catering for your Caramel, IN.


          Take The Flavor On The Road With Our Taco Truck Catering

          Turn your event into an unforgettable occasion with authentic family recipes on wheels from our food truck. Bringing you your favorite dishes found at our dine-in spots across Carmel and the surrounding areas, our taco truck adds a flavorful twist to any celebration.

          We’ll travel to your location and serve our fresh, delicious specialties straight from the grills on our truck. Reserve our taco truck for your event today.


          Beyond these catering services, we extend our event expertise and drool-worthy eats to Carmel, IN, graduation catering, holiday party catering, and so much more! Order our catering services online today!

          Carmel, IN Catering Locations

          Paco’s Taqueria East 86th Street

          3367 E 86th St

          Behind the Keystone Fashion Mall, right next to Crumbl Cookies

          (463) 221-2164

          Open 7 Days a Week

          9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

          Paco’s Taqueria Thompson Road

          5202 E Thompson Rd

          Just off the intersection of Thompson and Emerson, behind Emerson Place Shoppes

          (317) 986-4958

          Open 7 Days a Week

          9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

          Paco’s Taqueria West 86th Street

          2902 West 86th Street

          Across from Brebeuf Jesuit, next to the Trader Joe’s

          (317) 405-8954

          Open 7 Days a Week

          9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

          Paco’s Taqueria Taco Truck

          6816 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN

          Just off I-69, at the corner of
          Bash & 82nd

          (317) 459-8116

          Open 7 Days a Week

          10 a.m. to 9:45 p.m

          Paco’s Taqueria Keystone Avenue

          4390 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205

          Just off the intersection of Keystone Ave. and Fall Creek Parkway.

          (317) 377-4132

          Open 7 Days a Week

          9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

          Spice Up Your Event With Paco’s Taqueria Catering

          Discover great food and great service at Paco’s. Our authentic Mexican kitchen is ready to cater to your needs. With years of catering experience and a love for bringing people together,  our bold flavors served in personalized taco bar setups fit every occasion.

          From corporate gatherings to family reunions, our catering service stands out from the crowd. Get in touch with our local caterers or place your order online for catering in Carmel, IN, today.